What are the system requirements?

uShare.to is designed to be simple and ready to use; any modern and current web browser will do. Generally speaking, uShare.to will be compatible with the current version and one version past of a given browser. For instance, if Internet Explorer 12 is the current version of IE, then IE11 will also be supported. If Chrome 34 is the current version, then Chrome 33 will be compatible, and so on.

For Internet connectivity speed, we recommend a minimum of 5Mbps download and upload. 

Web Browser Compatibility

    Google Chrome Firefox Opera Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Safari   Chrome Android chrome_ios.png

Firefox - Android

Firefox - iOS  

iOS App Store

Google Play

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Platform   Mac/Win Mac/Win Mac/Win Windows Windows Mac   Android iOS Android iOS    iOS Android**
Version DESKTOP v67 & above

v58 & above

 v54 & above v11 v40 & above  v10 & above MOBILE v67 & above  v67 & above v59 & above v59 & above APP iOS 10 & above Android 5.0 & above
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*Conferencing unavailable

**Tested on Samsung Galaxy, Huawei P10, and HTC devices

***Tablet Browsers have not been tested

Conferencing Tips

  • For the best audio & video conferencing experience, we highly recommend closing all unnecessary web browser windows and tabs. Any tab or window open could take bandwidth away from your audio and video streams.
  • You can adjust the volume of each stream - when hovering over the stream, a volume slider will appear.
  • The quality of your audio and video stream can be limited by the quality of your computer hardware - consider using a third-party webcam or microphone if you really want to show off
  • When using your computer's built-in mic, check to see if the input can be adjusted. This is usually in your computer's system settings.
  • When screen sharing, be mindful of your display resolution. For example, if you're using a 2560 x 1440 display or higher, your shared desktop or window might appear very tiny to others who have lower resolution displays.
  • For video conferencing, style your hair! People can see you!


Edit & Delete Messages Posted in a Share

After posting a message in a Share, it can be deleted or edit by the same user for up 3 minutes.

Hover over your posted message to reveal the edit and delete options:

Edit & Delete Message

Click Edit (the pencil icon) to edit your message:

Edit Message

Click Delete (the trash icon) to delete your message; you will receive a confirmation window to confirm deletion:

Delete Message

I signed in with a social ID – can I use an email or username?

If you've signed up for uShare.to using your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account, that is how you will sign into uShare.to. You may change your username from the Settings menu.